25 Relatable Memes to Abolish the Monday Blues and Help Exhausted Employees Get Through the Work Week

We go to work because we want money, simple as that. No sane person is clocking in everyday because they love the "company culture", pathetic Dominos pizza parties, or because they want to engage in (near) slave labor to make corporate CEO's fat and happy. If you're on that grind this week and you're feeling the Monday blues hit harder than ever, sometimes the only way to cope is to check out some memes– even if it's just to know that you're not the only one who hates your job. Sure, you're counting down the days until you're a millionaire like a lot of nine-to-fivers, so you may be on day 874 of "getting this bread" and the labor world is seeming more and more gluten free. Your only hope is to keep playing the lotto, enjoy crime podcasts on your 45 minute commute, and savor the delicate, commiserating wonders of being a pawn in the capitalist machine.