‘Did You Block Me?’ : Best Dating App Fails of the Week for the Tired Crowd

Another week of scrolling, swiping, liking, and unmatching is underway, and between that and work, I'm tired. More tired than usual. In my humble opinion, Tinder is both the best and the worst thing to happen to humanity, in the sense that it has created more distance than ever between people, yet also simultaneously brought them together. I dunno, it's one of the many advantages and disadvantages of having technology. It's become hard to approach people in real life, although to be fair I wasn't really that much more courageous before dating apps were a thing. So maybe I can't blame my personality on technology after all. It would be so much easier though, that's for sure. Who would have thought back in the day that we'd be paying to find love? Literally, paying. Hi Tinder Gold, this is a personal shoutout. It's not a secret that dating apps are designed in a way that you don't actually match with people you like.So, without further ado, scroll down and check out the funniest dating app fails of the week for the people who get it. And for some good old nostalgia via a Reddit thread, click here.