'She's now moved me from the nice room to put her other two bridesmaids in there': Divisive bridezilla splits family up over expensive rooms

No one ever said planning a wedding was a stress-free walk in the park, but some brides and grooms just cannot remember to be kind to people as they plan their big day. On the r/Bridezillas subreddit, people constantly post about the biggest bridezillas in their lives, and ask for advice on how to handle delicate situations. This person's relationship with the bride has devolved so much that the OP doesn't even know if they should show up to the wedding at all. As the OP writes, first, the bride alienated a lot of family members by picking and choosing specific people from the family to come, even when that meant picking 2 people out of a 4-person family. Talk about awkward! Then, the bride chose a pricey venue located a few hours away, meaning a hotel or bed and breakfast is a must for the entire family. The OP has to try and avoid getting one of the 's***' rooms at the hotel, and then their sis tries to make them room with their 3-year-old half sibling. Not exactly ideal scenarios either way! Keep scrolling to read the whole situation from this entitled bride. Then, read about this Karen who missed out on a 5-figure solution to her monetary problems, all because she yelled at the wrong person.