Happy Orange Cat Can't Wait To Play Outside After Snowfall (Video)

Hey feline fanatics. Have you ever seen a cat go crazy for the snow? We sure haven't. We're used to seeing out cats approach the snow, take one step in, and then hop right back out. Brrr. The snow is cold on those sensitive little toe beans. But today, we came across a sweet orange cat who is anything but put off by the snow- rather he is so very excited to jump right into the snow and get his fun on. After a very brief time out in the snow, he says to himself/herself "Right that's it, I'm done. Back into the warmth and a well-earned snooze after that lengthy bout of exercise" and comes back inside. That moment was entirely too relatable. We love to see cats, and all other animals, playing, exploring, and having a grand old time. It warms our animal-loving hearts, and this video hit the spot.