14 Fabulous Traveling Felines: Cats Who Love To Accompany Their Humans On All Kinds Of Trips

Hey pals. Every time we go on a vacation, we try to explore all possibilities to ensure that either we take our pets with us, or leave them in the hands of folks who will provide them with excellent care while we are away. Though, for day trips, we welcome the company of our felines! Not every cat enjoys the great outdoors, in fact, many of them prefer to stay within the confines of their comfy homes where they have total power and can easily access all of their food and toys. Today we're bringing you 14 fabulous felines who love to accompany their humans on all kinds of trips. We call this squad the 'Traveling Kitties.' Some of them are even decked out in trip-appropriate clothing and protective gear and we are absolutely living for it. Cats are cute, awesome, interesting creatures. The wholesome goodness of felines rubs off on us daily and we are thankful.