Broke Memes for People Who Are Slightly Delusional About What They Can Afford

Being literally broke is definitely not funny, but we must admit that sometimes we just feel broke in a relative way. Like last week we may have had 15 more dollars to my name and now suddenly we can't get that chipotle bowl that we wanted and so we feel that we are significantly poorer suddenly. The good thing I've been broke, however, is that it's a great way to relate to other broke people. And they can definitely be funny sometimes to look back at questionable decisions we've made in the past when we felt cash poor. We've all been there.Whether you're feeling extra broke today, or you actually fully have a stable job and you just wanna reminisce on the days that you were only able to afford $.99 Arizona's from 7-Eleven, we got you. This Memes list will surely bring a smile to your face.