Smol Kitten Discovers The Wonders Of A Hammock (Video)

Hey friends. Have you ever laid upon a hammock and just relaxed there peacefully for awhile? It's quite refreshing, we recommend setting one up in between two trees about six feet apart. Or if you're more of an indoors lounger, there are several more compact and home friendly options. One such option was discovered by a smol kitten and is highlighted in the video below. It seems that even cuties of the feline variety find hammocks awesome. We knew we were not the only ones who felt this way! Kitty cats love exploring, and getting into all kinds of mischief. But sometimes, their mischief remains managed and they discover new and exciting things without making any trouble at all on the way! Now that is a win win for both cat and human. And just check out this cutie exploring the hammock. We reckon this kitten has found a new favorite spot.