Cat Alerts Woman To Bear That Has Broken Into Her House (Video)

Hey, y'all! We came across a hilariously feline story today, about a cat who warned his mom about an unwelcome intruder. That cat was like… STAY AWAY! The beast is within the sanctuary, and he must not be disturbed. This reminds us of the many times in which our cats have totally saved our lives from all sorts of beasts. Bugs, flies, cockroaches, all that jazz. Our cats have been specially trained by the most elite feline forces, they are prepared to alert us about any potential threat, no matter what time it is! "A woman's cat let her know a bear had broken into her house. Call it feline intuition, or a legitimate fear of a large predator, but Shannon Davis' cat wasn't going inside the house. Shannon saw what looked like a shadow pass a window, which turned out to be a bear that somehow got inside the Davis home. As one might expect, this bear was looking for food, specifically candy and dessert. This bear has a sweet tooth!" Via Inside Edition.