Happy Belly-Up Parrot Loves Playtime With Human (Video)

Okay, we have to admit it to you, birds are one of our most favorite underrated animals, and parrots one of the top spots for us. Parrots are just so awesome. It's true, parrots are jerks with no sense of self-preservation sometimes, but other times, parrots talk to you in hilarious accents, or they might save you from a burning building, and when they have their cute moments… oh my goodness, we are absolutely smitten. This video has taken over our hearts. This is one of the happiest parrots we've ever seen. Belly up, playful, funny, and living life with so much joy in its heart. This is one happy animal, and no matter how many times it might have done something jerk-y, we would still be absolutely smitten by it.