Company Demands Employee Take Shorter Route To Save Five Dollars, Tolls Cost Hundreds

For a year, everything was going fine. This employee was taking the smartest route between work offices, only going out of their way by a little bit to avoid any extra expenses to the company. Then along came a new bookkeeper who assumed the best way to save the company a bundle would be to flag perceived "unnecessary expenses" and bill their employees the difference. Her solution was to change the route. Since it was her idea, it's not in her best interest to admit the mistake, so the extra costs are just piling and piling and piling. But it's not like this employee can really do much about it. He was ordered to do this because it was the "smarter" option. One has to love the accountability.For another tale of diverted routes, here's the time a broken elevator was deemed a non-priority, so one employee broke out the stink-chariot.