30+ Reasons Why Being an Adult Sucks

Let's face it. You spend your youth and teenage years just waiting for the freedom you associate with being an adult… Doing whatever you want, eating ice cream whenever you want, buying as many packs of Pokemon cards as you wish. But when you get there, it doesn't live up to the paradise you dreamt it would be. Food is expensive, work sucks, half your paycheck goes to taxes, and whatever is left then goes to rent. And that's just scraping the surface. There's no wonder that we suddenly see things through our parent's eyes once we cross the divide and start having to fend for ourselves. It's a cruel and unforgiving world out there, and all too often, you're just one wrong decision or mistake away from being homeless. Redditors gathered on this classic Askreddit thread to collate a comprehensive list of all of the things that make being an adult not all it's cracked up to be.