HOA Karen Illegally Fines Homeowner, Gets Taken Down in Court

We've heard plenty of tales of the authoritarian tendencies of nightmare HOA members who will threaten their own neighbors with fines over the color of their recycling bin. It's not a big secret that people who crave authority but lack a sound mind flock to HOA boards and middle management, simply because it gives them a feeling of control that they could never cultivate on their own. These are broken people, and they need to make you feel small because they lack the capacity to better themselves.Anyway, this person was getting fined for trivial junk by their HOA. Turns out they never had the authority to do that, so they might as well have been pulling notices out of their ass and signing them with diarrhea ink. They lawyered up and watched the show. Of course this isn't legal advice, this is just something a complete stranger wrote on the internet.For a real nice one, here's the belligerent HOA Karen who complained about guide dog training.