Insanely Incompetent Interviewers Fired When Candidate Exposes Them

This insurance guy was approached by a recruiter for an insurance sales position at a company. Despite his repeated protests that he was overqualified for the role they were hiring for, they refused to take no for an answer and aggressively entered him into the interview process. As the interview progressed, it became increasingly clear that the hiring managers had no idea what they were on about. They repeatedly handed him wrong information and asked him to do things that he knew were completely out of line for the profession. This would lead him, the interviewee, to explain to the interviewers how their jobs should work in a professional insurance company. Thankfully, his complete over-qualification for the role allowed him to see through all of this. When the cards were laid out, the interviewing team had deemed him unworthy of the position. But it was they who were soon to be discovered to be unworthy of their own.