25 Technically Correct Memes For Literal People

The world is far too figurative. People always ask us stuff like "how's it going" but they never actually want to know how it's going. And if you give them the truth, "actually things aren't too great, my doctor told me I have a month to live, because he is trying to hunt down and kill me" it just freaks people out. So in our lives, we have to settle for an assumed set of meanings rather than making them ourselves. And that's dumb. We'd much rather live in a world of terrifying ambiguity when it comes to social conventions. Someone coming in for a high five? Grab that bad boy and give it a shake. Don't like the soup you ordered? Pour that hot soup into a water balloon and throw it back into the kitchen like a grenade. Now we're really living our best lives. And all it takes is a baked-in misinterpretation of the facts.Here are some more highly literal moments of technical accuracy.