Mother Steals Daughter's Inheritance, Uses it to Buy a Sweet New House, Gets Called Out

This daughter was confused when her mother and step-father were suddenly able to purchase a new house. They had been barely able to get by previously and now were suddenly living quite well. When questioned about it, her mother revealed that they had used some of the money that the daughter's father, who had tragically passed away, had left for her. This inheritance was left under explicit instruction that it went to his daughter when she turned eighteen. So have these parents effectively stolen from their child?This thread was posted to r/AITA (Am I the Asshole) by the daughter, u/reddit_randouser, who is wondering if they were in the wrong for calling their mother and stepfather out in front of the stepfather's family. Her parent and stepparent are furious with her and think she's an insubordinate teen who needs to apologize. We think it's pretty simple: They're just mad that they got called out.Commenters have agreed wholeheartedly and have condemned the actions of the mother and stepfather. Read on for images of u/reddit_randouser's post below