Karen Complains to Facilities Manager That Her Key Card Doesn't Work, He Revokes Her Access

When facilities manager, u/ImThe1Wh0, had to deal with this raging Karen and her "Karen-in-Training" he was careful to comply with their every demand.When "Karen-in-Training" had issues with her key card access, after u/ImThe1Wh0 deleted her unassigned card while completing a key card audit, Karen decided that she wanted to complain and have problems with her (perfectly fine) card too. When u/ImThe1Wh0 took a closer look at her card he realized that she mistakenly had been given a master key years beforehand. So he wiped the card and gave her the proper access.For more Karens out in the wild check out this one who demanded that a customer service rep write down "YOUR NAME." so that she could report them.