Tumblr Thread: Corvids Are Intelligent AF While Parrots Are A Heckin' Mess

Birds. Birds are awesome and hilarious. We don't care what anyone says. No matter how many times we try to convince ourselves that birds are nothing special, we discover something new about them. Like the fact that birds mimic our accents perfectly, or the fact that some birds will let you pet their bellies or that some Australian birds will bite kangaroos' tails to distract them as they steal their food. Birds are hilarious. And parrots are especially so. Parrots… they may be smart, but they have no sense of self-preservation. They will launch themselves directly into a pot of soup if we take our eyes off them. They are clowns, they are weird, they know when they're being bad, and apparently, us humans are not the only ones who are mildly peeved by their behavior.