Reddit Shares The Kindest Thing Pets Have Done

Here at I Can Has Cheezburger, we've seen first hand that pets are truly an incredible gift to our families. From a heroic pet dog saving a baby's life, to Masha the cat who saved a freezing baby, to Alab the dog, who saved his owner from a car accident, to a parrot who saved its owner by calling his name when a fire started in their home, there is no shortage of stories about cats and dogs behaving like heroes. Today we have even more heartwarming stories like that to share. Last week we published a Quora thread about the kindest things pets have ever done, and today we have the Reddit version of this thread, with even more wholesome and heartwarming stories that answer the question, "What is the kindest thing a pet has done for you?" These stories are guaranteed to melt your heart and make you cry tears of joy. Well, maybe not that last part, but still, go ahead and take a look, but make sure to get your tissues ready, some of these stories may make you cry happy tears.