Redditor Writes Heartbreaking Prompt About Dogs In The Afterlife

Oh, the feels. And this time, it's pretty heavy. There must be someone chopping up endless onions to prepare for some onion-chopping competition out there because the tears are here and they won't stop flowing. It's so hard for us to let go of our pets, it always hurts and the pain never actually leaves us, we just learn how to live with it over time. In a beautiful, and ultra-heartbreaking writing prompt, one Redditor brought the feels and brought them hard. The original question that prompted the writing prompt was posted by Redditor u/Epidexipteryx, and was, "When a beloved dog passes in the hereafter, they are given a choice. They can cross the Rainbow Bridge and await for their owners, or join the Sleepless Watch and defend the world from evil spirits."Redditor, u/Euthenios, wrote this marvelous masterpiece below. Just a little warning, perhaps have a tissue or two beside you in preparation.